Unh ? 408 knot Twin Commanche ?


Ah…is this track (see JPEG) the result of corrupt data ?

Never seen a 408 kias twin commanche before

…weird, anyway I think FlightAware is the coolest !!! I probably check on flights 20 times or more a day… :laughing:


The aircraft is a G2(twin jet). FA just got the name wrong on the side bar. Change of N numbers may be?


A *JT from Greystone, that’s one of Travolta’s no?


It is indeed.


Somewhere between the pilot and ATC they got the wrong aircraft type code in the system.


I just looked again, and it is not so much the groundspeed that would stand out to me for a prop (even though we now know it is a jet), but it is the FL430. :open_mouth: