Understanding map results re an LAX to Honolulu flight


For example, Northwest Flight 91 was to depart LAX at 2:35 PM, July 9 and fly to Honolulu. So I began to track it at 3:35 PDT. The map then showed a green line leaving LAX. Immediately it turned 180 degrees, went almost to Africa, returned to some point in the Pacific, went almost to Africa again, came back to the same Pacific point, went to “almost Africa” a 2nd. time and either did a 3rd. trip to “almost Africa” and back or simply continued on to Honolulu.

What is happening here? What is it I don’t understand? I didn’t find and answer in the Q&A :confused:



It’s been discussed here many times, search through and you’ll find it.


I think the actual answer is that FA staff are working on a bug fix.

[Or, as I read in other topics now, the problem has been fixed.]