Hawaii bug


I have searched the forums for info, but there’s nothing new in the last month or more.

Has there been a fix for the “Hawaii Bug” yet? As a pilot for Hawaiian I use F.A. for keeping track of the planes I’ll be flying to make sure they’ll be in on time for my trip out, but when they drop off the screen before reaching the coast, it makes it difficult. Thanks for a great website.



Welcome TropicalD! Thanks for searching. I tried searching but didn’t find any threads exactly addressing your question.

Do you get an arrival message when the flight track dissapears? Are the maps too small (i.e. not including ARR airport)?

What do you fly for HA (B767 ?)? I’m gonna be flying them from HNL to LIH in December.


CessnaCitationX, Yes, when the track reaches the point where the oceanic controller hands off to the center controller, the track ends, and the arrival time is posted. Look at any of the eastbound Hawaiian flights (numbers 2, 8, 10, 18, 22, 26, 30, 36, for example). They end well offshore, and the flight time ‘ends’ at that point. That makes it difficult to tell just when an incoming flight will really land.

I am an F/O on the 767. It’s a great plane to fly, and a great company to work for. I hope you have a great flight to/from LIH in December.



I see this problem on an earlier HAL flight to KLAX. However, the latest HAL4 and HAL10 PHNL/KLAX show the full flight track into KLAX. Hopefully, the problem, whatever it was, has been cured.