HNL - US midwest flights disappear after 4 hours?

Why do flights from PHNL to destinations such as KORD, KDFW or KIAH, which usually have a duration of about 7-8 hours, seem to disappear after reaching the US west coast? Some examples include AAL 8, 72 and 102 as well as COA 2 and 72. They usually are tracked from HNL to California then are displayed as “arrived”, even though they have 3-4 hours to go. What may be the reason for this since flights in the opposite direction (TO Hawaii) are tracked correctly? Thank you.

Please search the forums to read the previous threads regarding this topic.

For reasons unknown to us at FlightAware, the FAA sends us an arrival message for flights bound for Hawaii when they cross the west coast.

When you coast out on a flight to Hawaii, you receive a new clearance when you transition to oceanic that completely negates the previous clearance.

On the return, when you get close to landfall, you come off the oceanic route and receive a new clearance to your destination airport.

Although it is still the same flight, it is handled in two distinct segments and when one segment is terminated, an arrival is recorded.

It is interesting though that I do not notice the same behavior on Flight Aware with respect to Atlantic crossings, even though the operation is essentially the same.

Another Hawai’i related question: a local commuter airline, which my wife flies frequently, Island Air (formerly Aloha Island Air) does not show up at all as departing from HNL, or today, flying to MKK. In fact, now that I look closely, no Island Air flights appear at all.

Any reason for this?

Two letter code is “WP”

The answer can be found HERE

Is it? Where?


The above link says, in part: “Also, you can likely find the answer to your questions by searching the forums for similar questions that have been covered in the past.”

So, the person should search for it is what needlenose is saying.

Searching “Island Air” yeilds 699 results

Searching “island and air” yeilds 16 topics, one of which is asking the same exact question as this guy, with no replys at all.

Searching “PHNL” yeilds 30 results, some dealing with the “Hawaii Bug”, but none answering this guys question.

So like any rational person, after 2 or 3 tries, I’d ask someone else. What do you suppose he search for?

It appears that Island Air is not flying IFR. We’ve never seen one of their flights (ICAO code is MKU).


My apologies. I ASSUMED it was there. If it ain’t, IT SHOULD BE!