Delta Airline flight 1282 from HNL to ATL


For Sept 8th, 9th, and now 10th '07 this flight has shown arrived half way through its total flight time from HNL to ATL. It appears as if it landed in LAX instead of continuing on to ATL non-stop.

Any idea what is happening to the data for this flight?

Also…the last half of this flight in the data log is missing as well.
Thanks for checking on this! It looks like it is a problem every day on this flight. What am I missing here?


Now the flight appears to be continuing despite the last two days of flight log data ending around the LAX area and time it overflew the southern CA coast.?
Signed confused>


Flights to Hawaii from origins other than the west coast generate an erroneous arrival message as they cross the coast.


Can I assume the same applies to flights from HNL. Noticed the same problem with AA008 to DFW.

Any chance of fixing this problem :question: