AAH Flight Ending a Little Too Early


Today’s Aloha Airlines flight 843 from SNA to OGG “arrived” a little over an hour after departure. That’s one fast 737-700! Is this the infamous Hawaii glitch in action or is something else going on?


Read the postings on short flights. Hint: There’s a search link at the top of every forum page. Another hint: Big discussion on this regarding Delta.


Yet another hint: Dami is a real ball buster!


Thanks, pika. I’ve always depended on the kindness of strangers to offer me kind words.


Thanks for the warm welcome. Thought I’d done the proper due-diligence (hence my reference to the “Hawaii Glitch”) but apparently not. Per your recomendation I did search “short flights” and/or “Delta” to no avail. Please humor me and toss me a link or just let me know why a five hour scheduled flight would show up as arrived after one hour.


Yeah, dami…

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Delta-Hawaiian Routes - how determined: Mduell (FlightAware staff) says “It may have accidently been marked as arrived while enroute.”

See also Durations Suspect on Activity?.


Just goes to show that there’s nothing new in the world – or in the Forums – anymore.

“Search harder” is the new answer to everything. :laughing: