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Unable to load mlat-client

New kid. Not Linux smart. Pi 3B+, raspbianlite, 32 gb micro-sd

Fresh install, using wifi, DHCP. Ran sudo apt-get update without issue.
Trying to sudo get-install mlat-client -y (I have the printout I’m using, it is upstairs so I may not have used correct syntax here, it was per printout during install attempt).

I get a message it can’t find the mlat-client. Tried with and without the Flightstick plugged in. Antenna is up and at roof level of 2 story home…worked in temporary setup on Win10 but can’t afford to tie that mahine up.

Feeling dumb as box of rocks…I know it isn’t rocket science. Can someone lead me to daylight? I’d like to have this done today, been put off due to medical issues.


Raeford, NC (not too far from FAY)

The fa-mlat-client is included with piaware.

Unless you are trying to feed adsb-exchange, you don’t need the mlat-client.
Which as you have found out is not available from the normal Raspbian sources but must be compiled from source.

Following the instruction on the page below is everything that is needed to feed flightaware including MLAT:

Oh and you need to set your location on your stats page.

Please see this post:


Please note dump1090-fa/piaware have fa-mlat-client, and you dont need a separate one.

The mlat-client built by method given in above noted post is needed for:

  • rbfeeder
  • adsbexchange

Thank you so very much…


One quick issue, it is not allowing me into github…asks me for username and password…and does not recognize me. I did just create a new account…and on the github site, I am able to log in without issue…

Am I holding my mouth wrong?

Right now, I need a nap…us old folks like our naps…


Virus-free. www.avast.com

You are trying an address which is with https. This sometimes gives problem with Github.

git clone https://github.com/mutability/mlat-client.git


Try this one which is without s at the end of http

git clone http://github.com/mutability/mlat-client.git

It is not necessary to be a github member, or use username+password to clone from github.

That worked! Now, how do I know if it is actually working? And I had expected MLAT to ask for lat/lon…do I need to go configure something?

And last question, this will be plugged into UPS which should hold it for quite some time. By then I’ll have generator going (I have a 24/7/365 EMCOMM mail gateway that HAS to stay up)…but Murphy lives here, how do I make it autorun as soon as the Pi is powered up?

And then, just maybe I’ll be done with all the issues…


Virus-free. www.avast.com

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(1) To know if mlat-client has been installed successfully, give following command and post its output:

apt-cache policy mlat-client

(2) If you are using it for RadarBox24’s MLAT, then follow STEP-2, STEP-3, and STEP-4 of following post (no need for STEP-1, as you have already built & installed mlat-client):


You dont have to do anything to start or autorun mlat-client. It is started by the feeder which is using it.

  • If you are using it for Adsbexchange, their feeder script will start mlat-client at boot/reboot of Pi.

  • If you are using it for Radarbox24, then their feeder client rbfeeder will start it at boot/reboot of Pi.

My message was an honest question and was not spam

I dont understand why @TimothyTapio mentioning EMCOMM (Amateur radio emergency communications) has caused some one to flag his message. Or someone has flagged it for some other reason, or by mistake? :confused:


He sent by mail, and it contains the link to avast dot com.
I’d personally switch off that unnecessary and unhelpful “Virusfree” signature.
It wasn’t me who flagged it, but i can understand it.

Are you trying to do flightaware MLAT or something else.

For flightaware MLAT you don’t need the mlat-client.
FA’s mlat client is integrated with piaware.

I wrote that in my previous post, maybe you didn’t read it.

As for FA, it seems you haven’t even claimed your station as described here:

having the note that my emails have been checked for virii s a no no?

I’ll start over today and follow the directions in this link
which I was previously unaware of, apparently I was supposed to have all the answers and resources which weren’t mentioned in the requirements list I was going by that i got off of Radarbox (or whoever)

Sorry that I am not well versed in this area that i have had no previous experience in, was only trying to add info to the system.

And sorry that my automatically appended note that i use a virus checker (recommended by my email account folks ruffled any feathers.



abcd56t Can we continue this in direct email?

Tim Tapio

Raefor, NC

It’s a forum, if you are new and post links, the automatic spam detection might have marked your posts.

Sorry for being a bit harsh before, i don’t particularly care.
But just to elaborate, an email stating that the contents have been checked isn’t any more trustworthy than one for which that isn’t true.
After all, everyone can put that below their mails :wink:

I think the main problem is that you are asking in the flightaware forum about setting up MLAT for radarbox.
Do i understand that correctly?

The main question is basically, are you trying to feed FlightAware or another flight tracking site?
Depending on that the answer is gonna be very different :slight_smile:
Maybe just tell us which guide you were following before to set up your feeder.

Oh just for completeness: It’s not a problem to ask about feeding other sites on this forum, but one automatically assumes people are asking about feeding Flightaware.

I have Flightstick and it took me to Radarbox which i assume goes to Flight Aware.
And yes, I studied hacking for a bit…if I can figure out how to leave that little note off I will.

I figure the only way to have a safe machine is never plug it in or turn it on. And who knows what NSA has forced Intel to put into their chips.

And I have to apologize, I’m more than a bit bitchy lately. I tore a muscle in lower back almost 3 months ago…at times it brings tears to the eyes. Plus I had toes removed from one foot about 6 months ago, can’t even walk through Walmart now without extreme pain…so I’m a bit tender.

But, was using a 32 gb card in Pi 3b+ and wanted to go with Raspbian lite, never found out it there was a size issue so thought I’d leave as much as I could for free space.

For now, I gotta go back to bed, took a percocet and can hardly keep the eyes open


AirNav / Radarbox is not associated with FlightAware at all, they are a different company.

There is some room for confusion though, especially where it comes to the mlat client. Being open source it’s widely used. I have the same client running 3 times feeding different places in addition to FA’s version, so I can see why it might not be immediately clear what goes where to someone not familiar with it.

I have a Flightstick dongle that came through the SDR play folks…and that is pretty much the extent of what I know about it. I kinda liked FA because I could get the pro account for free (and after a week I’ll probably never look at it again)…
So, I got this dongle, antenna on the roof and a Pi3B+.

I’d like to watch to see what airplanes are in the air so I can take my ipad to a dinner party, be outside, see a plane going overhead and casually glance at my ipad and say what flight it was, where it came from, where it was going and how high it is (I have never ever been to a dinner party). But, I would like to sit outside in evening, see flight going overhear and be able to tell the wife what it is (I know she’ll be dully impressed, especially after being married 39 years).

So, since I don’t really know anything, it appears FA would do that for e…but, you tell me where to go and if you could help me get there, I would really appreciate it. If it is something other than FA and will do the same thing things, I have no preference…

I need to run out for a bit, spend some money, then be home in about 2 hours and ready to go hit this. It would be much easier for me to work with a gui so I may start over and reimage the card with regular raspbian…I don’t know if software grows (I know when programming they always seemed to grow…took classes in that a long long time ago…like before C got an ANSI sticker.

I’m putty in your hands…be back in a bit…and perhaps we can move on from there and I can get this done today…it would be nice, I have plenty of other projects in list of things to be done.

Thanks for understanding.