UN general assembly week


Look for a lot of Foreign government traffic hanging at Stewart international because of the UN general assembly.
flightaware.com/live/flight/N767 … /KJFK/KSWF


What for? :confused:


npr.org/templates/story/stor … =112982561



Ohhhh. Obama dood!


Mummar Qaddafi’s plane
I think it is incorrectly shown as an A340. Should be an A330.


Here are all the heavies that dropped at JFK and then went up to Stewart


Who is in N767KS?


N767ks is one of mid east jet’s fleet. It’s based in Saudi Arabia. They also fly one of the only private 777’s that I know about. N777as. So I’m not really sure who’s on 767ks but it is a pretty safe bet it is someone or some delgation in NYC for UN week.


I find it odd that they have them registered in the United States. The 767 came out of Riyadh.


Why shuttle all the planes to SWF? Is there not enough parking at JFK?

Also, how do the dignitaries get to the UN from JFK? Helicopter? Motorcade? I’m especially curious about the ones who wouldn’t normally be permitted to land in the US, like Qaddafi or Ahmadinejad. Is there some sort of exception to our normal border rules surrounding the UN and JFK?


The city is in full gridlock as all the motorcades for these people move around. I’m not sure if anyone besides President Obama uses the chopper from JFK.


Here is a french Falcon 7X that came into JFK for the meetings. I can’t find a track for it.

airliners.net/photo/France-- … 1582050/M/


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