Ubuntu 22.04 LTS?

I have Ubuntu on another PC as the main OS,the question I have is it possible to get Flightaware working on Ubuntu 22.04?
The reason I ask is cause on my Pi 4B the USB’s are too close together for me to have 2 Dongles going,I can’t plug the other one in,there is no room… Yes I know I can take them out of their shell but I REALLY do not want to do that,I don’t want them getting destroyed. :frowning:

You could buy some USB extension cords ( if not long) :wink:
Running a Pi 24/7 is much cheaper then running a PC


Thats True.
Could ya suggest good extension cords possibly?

Nope sorry, I don’t use extension cords so I can’t give you an advice on them. Maybe somebody else has a suggestion ?

Any USB extension cable will do, I’ve had a couple of these from Amazon Basics



Cool thank you :slight_smile:

I love this hobby :slight_smile:

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Scripts to Automatically Build & install dump1090-fa & piaware packages from Flightaware’s source code
(also valid for ubuntu22)


Install pre-built packages of dump1090-fa & piaware from my personal packages repository on Github (if you trust me)



Not reayll “any”

There are some out which are not fully working. I have one here where a Flightaware stick shows 30% less performance

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Did you by any chance get a new one if so could you suggest something?

I’m using these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00CJG2ZYM and seem to be getting basically identical performance to not using them. Got them for “strain relief”, so have tried with and without.

Ok awesome thank you very much :slight_smile:

These are the ones I use. They’re great.


Cool thank you very much.

I love this hobby :slight_smile:

Woot got Option-1 working,using my other PC with 2 dongles in it :slight_smile:
This is a Temp setup till I can get 2 USB extension cords then the 2 dongles will go on the Raspberry Pi.

I get alot of traffic with ADS-B
But not much traffic on UAT

UAT is for low flying aircraft correct?

Man really wish I could put a 1090 and a 978 antenna outside :frowning:

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UAT is for GA aircraft, usually they are flying low indeed

In Europe there is not really UAT, so the reception would be zero

Additionally, in Europe this frequency band is used for mobile phones in the GSM spectrum. So it would be much harder to implement here. (920-960 MHz) The systems would have a risk of interference on each other.

Next time you try Option-2 which is much quicker as it saves time to build the packages. The dump978-fa package is particularly slow to build and uses lot of resources to build it. I remember when I tried to build it on my fitrst RPi Model 4 with 1 GB Ram, the PI froze. After several failed attempts, I tried to build it on another RPi Model 4 which had 4 GB Ram, and I succeded, though it took much longer time than dump1090-fa.

I did it on my other desktop PC that has Ubuntu 22.04 didn’t really take that long to be honest.

Oops, I missed the point that you did it on a PC, I was thinking in terms of a Pi with limited resources.