"Tyson 08" - callsign for Obama's 752

I was at GRR this a.m. and saw Obama’s 752 depart GRR for LAN. The callsign was “Tyson 08,” which surprised me since it’s a North American bird and used to operate under the call-sign “North American 1” (NAO1)

The crew even made a brief mistake when contacting departure control- “North American… er… Tyson 08 with you out of 17 hundred for 4 thousand runway heading.”

Anyone have any idea where “Tyson” came from? I understand the “08”.

Tyson foods? Big supporters of the Democratic party (see donations to Billary)

Tyson has been identified as a Secret Service call sign. All of the candidates, including the vices are using them now.

yup when Palin came in to PGV yesterday and left she used “Tyson 139” or something similar to that number.

On a side note, one of our based aircraft came back and jokingly asked “So when is Air Force 2 leaving?” When I went down to put him in the hanger I told him not to get too cocky about the election yet lol :unamused:

You should have told them when Biden left.

What is the actual tail number they use so I can track flights?