Two pi's one feeder id

two pi’s each running piaware, one feeder id for both , is this allowed ?

It’ll produce confusing results, avoid doing this.

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ok, i’ll work on getting a new id for the second pi

Use the commands from this post to get a new FA id:

If you’re looking for graphs or an additional webinterface, have a look here :slight_smile:

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Will produce “long range” results, like we saw here… about 520 nm.

Well, that’s just “two physical receivers feeding one piaware”

Running two piawares with the same feeder ID produces additional weirdness as the stats page feeder info will reflect whichever feeder last reported in (so it’ll flap), log messages from both will be interleaved, remote commands will unpredictably go to one feeder or the other, etc.

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You could use one for testing out new gains etc and new ideas to make the other system work better. But yes get another id for it first.

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