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Two antenna, one feeder ID

As I test zenonp’s Debian live image beside my PiAware, I become curious about this scenario: Two antennae are within meters (even next to each other); the two feeders are set to both use the same feeder ID. Some messages will come from different flights. I think those do no harm. Some messages could be from the same aircraft-position, and the server will receive two of the same under the same feeder_id. How bad will this be?

Why same feeder id? Claim a new station under your account with separate feeder id / station number. This will keep things clean.

I understand, but curious. One possible point of interest is that the live image will go eventually, and will be on-and-off even while it is alive.

Screw with the stats, not work properly.
One id can’t be connected to the server twice.

If you merge the data before giving it to piaware then MLAT will stop working.
In short … just don’t do it.

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Ignoring the good reasons above, how would you know when one of the pair failed?

Do you mean for monitoring purposes? They are two separate machines, so they can be monitored separately, like from their SkyAware Web interface, or even from inside Linux. (Not that I will ignore the good reasons :innocent:)