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[Solved] Two feeders with the same ID for a few minutes?

A friend of mine has a feeder which is having problems and I’m writing a new SD card for him. I want to give it to him fully configured so he can just swap them out, switch it on and be good to go.

If I update the feeder ID to the same as his, is it going to cause any real issues if they’re both online at the same time for a few minutes? I’ll configure it all here, update the ID and then shut it down.

The other piaware might get disconnected, nothing else happened for me.
I mean it wouldn’t be very robust if it broke anything. And FA has a very robust feeding system it seems to me.

If you are using the piaware sd-card you can just put it in the configuration on the boot partition.
You can also stop piaware before changing the feeder id.

That’ll be the best way I think - Stop the service, change the feeder ID and shut it down. It won’t be using the piaware image, it’ll be a new build from scratch using Buster. May as well go with the latest version.

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