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Turn off Pi3 WiFi

I have connected my Pi3 with an ethernet cable.
Looking for a way to turn off the on-board WiFI, I found the instruction to add to the config.txt:


Looks like indeed the wlan0 is turned off and I am using the Ethernet.
But… is that correct? What was that command supposed to do?

On a piaware sdcard image you can do piaware-config rfkill yes to turn off the wifi radio

On vanilla Raspbian you can run something like rfkill block wifi (not sure if that is persistent)

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The command that I have quoted weirdly turned off the WiFi, but it’s proper usage would be something like this - overclocking the SD card port from the default 50 to 100MHz (needs a fast card):


A clean and persistent solution is simply to uncomment (or add) the following line to /boot/config.txt and then reboot:


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That worked! Thanks!