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Raspberry Pi Zero W with WiFi Dongle for external antenna

In wanting to have the least amount of coax loss, I want to place my Raspberry Pi Zero W and FlightAware receiver as close to the antenna as possible. This means having an external WiFi antenna on the metal outdoor cabinet located on my roof. It also means that I want to disable the on-board WiFi and only use the external Wifi. With what I find on-line, (see below) I want to use rfkill yes in piaware-config to disable the on-board WiFi.

Now either rfkill, kills all WiFi on the Raspberry Pi, both on-board and external or I just don’t seem to have the correct external WiFi dongle. I purchased a Mideatek RT5370N as it says it is Linux compatible, so I was hoping it was plug-n-pray.

I hope someone has already solved this so I can get my receiver back on-line. Thanks!

Try to get the dongle working first without rfkill, but I suspect that chipset is not supported out of the box. The piaware sdcard image rfkill option will specifically only inhibit wifi interfaces with a Broadcom or Pi Foundation MAC.