Turn off map layers

I was exploring my PiAware’s GUI this morning, including the layers available for the map. When I started, there were no layers turned on. I turn on several of the layers by clicking the round and square buttons next to the layer title. I find now that I cannot turn off all of the round-button layers to revert to the previous state. The square-button layers will turn off, however. How does one turn off all round-button layers?



Select the round button you like.
Have you tried all of them?
(there are buttons outside the US section)

AFAIK at least one of the buttons must be selected.

Those are radio buttons like the ones on an old-fashioned car radio. You can choose between them, you can’t have multiple or no choices selected. If NEXRAD up above the radio buttons is selected try unchecking its checkbox. The radio buttons may be NEXRAD options that go away if NEXRAD’s not active.

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