OK, so I’ll be the dummy to ask. I’ve searched the threads here and I’ve not seen anything on how to get the NEXRAD layer to work on Piaware 3.1. This might be out of scope for this forum, so any links to how to get this working is appreciated.

Click on the icon that allows you to choose the map. (Top right on my dump1090-mut setup. Not sure about dump1090-fa)
It is the last option in the US section.

Ok, so i don’t know what was going on here- It seems to be working now. I thought I was going to have to set up another sdr at 978mhz and take my filter out and do a bunch of stuff, split the signal out etc. but it just started working. This is what I was getti9ng after upgrading to Piaware 3.1

Then sometime today for no apparent reason it started wotking and this is what I got:

… Thanks for the help

Probably your browser had the old copy of the map code cached, then when the cache expired you got the new one. Reloading via Shift-F5 probably would have worked too.