Tug crew covered up damage to DC-9 - depressurized in flight


‘Northwest Airlines’ - US investigators have determined that ground staff covered up an accident in which a vehicle damaged a McDonnell Douglas DC-9’s fuselage, and allowed the jet to depart for a flight during which it depressurised.

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That figures :unamused: , NWA has the absolute worst safety record amongst US airlines when it comes to planes on the ground.


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Where do you get your stats from to support this?

My Dad worked 32 years on NWA ramps and counter, and NEVER had an incident.

If you are referring to the collision at DTW between the B727 and DC-9, that was a culmination of errors on the part of the DC-9 crew coupled with paint on the taxi ways which needed to be addressed. I read the NTSB report on this.




Did he happen to work at NWA between 2000 and 2008?

OK I’ll give you a few incidents that have occured in the past 6 years…

The infamous “Ditch Witch” where a Saab 340B ran off the taxiway and went straight into a ditch. The DTW incident that you just mentioned. On Feb. 5th, 2007 in Minneapolis a pushback tug collided with a DC-9 (N1308T) causing the DC-9 to ramp up and land on top of the tug. (The tug was not at the time pushing back the a/c). May 10th, 2005 a DC-9 (N763NC) collided with an A319 (N368NB) causing the wing of the A319 to shread into the DC-9 leaking fuel into the cockpit of the DC-9 wich resulted (catching breath) in the DC-9 being W/O. January 2003 a Northwest A319 collided with a 757 (N550NW) in New York, the accident, left a good size dent in the 757 and the A319 was w/o. Las Vegas February 7, 2002 a Northwest Airlines A320 (N305US) struck a light pole, almost completely ripping a wing after a mechanic working on the airplane set the parking brake but failed to make sure it held. May 5th, 2005 (5 days before the collision between a DC-9 and a A319) in Minneapolis a Northwest Airlines DC-9 (N960N) was struck by a fuel truck causing severe damage to the nose of the aircraft and resulted in the aircraft being w/o. March 5, 2006 in Cleveland a Northwest Airlink (N517XJ) BAE 146 suffered a nose gear collapse while parked at the gate undergoing routine maintence. October 15, 2002 a Northwest Airlink BAE 146 was w/o in a taxiing accident in Memphis. April 12, 2007 a Pinnacle Airlines CRJ-200 overran the runway in Traverse City, MI in snowy conditions HOWEVER the cause of the accident was determined by the NTSB to be…(drumroll)… pilot error. But in all fairness one of the two contributing factors was the breakdown of communication between the pilot and the controller about breaking procedures. December 3, 2008 a DC-9 (N782NC) was struck by a tug in Madison, WI causing substantial damage and the a/c being w/o. Jan 9, 2008 a Northwest Airlines A319 (N349NB) lost its right engine cowling after takeoff, I include this because the cause of the accident was the mechanic’s failure to close the cowling door following maintence on the engine. Last but not least … A Northwest Airlines A330 (N855NW) collided with a Bombardier DHC-8-202 (N363PH) in Portland, OR the A330’s winglet clipped the tail of the Dash8 causing significant damage to it’s tail resulting in the Dash8 being w/o. The cause of the accident was the pilot’s failure to maintain proper clearence between the two aircraft. The list goes on and on believe me!


If you go to www.ntsb.gov and go to the aviation accident database query you can enter in Northwest Airlines part 121 air carrier from 1/1/01 to 12/22/08 there are around 15-20 ground incidents listed.


And how many for each of the other airlines? Not fanning flames this time just curious if there is a substantial difference between them and other airlines.

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Congrats on the 100th post! I’ve done a little research (more to be done) American Airline’s incidents mainly involve problems upon landing (nosegear collapses etc.) Delta doesn’t have any real issues in colliding with ground equipment… The only other airline that I’ve seen thats closest to NW on ground incidents is United…apparently they like to ram their equipment into planes almost as much as NW does.


OHHHHH Yeah I remember breaking his chops about some of those. He was at the counter only by about the early '90’s…I’d break his chops about that as well…but that is another thread lol :wink:

I am surprised Delta doesn’t have a lot of incidents, their ramps are primarily contract DGS their in house ground handler.


Me too…God help someone who breaks something of Delta’s tho… in the words of Donald Trump in The Apprentice…YOU’RE FIRED! lol