Northwest DC-9-31 mishap


This happened yesterday at least that’s when this picture was taken. Check it out. What happened for this to happen?

Northwest DC-9-31


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Oh ok I know why now.


Failure to correctly secure the towbar to the front axle?

CFIJames will probably chime in here as he used to drive a tug out at SLC.


Do we know if the tug was pushing the a/c back or pulling it at the time of the mishap? In other words, did the plane roll onto the tug, or did the tug roll under the plane after the towbar snapped? I’m just curious, since the -9 got jacked up so badly!! It’s unfortunate that these birds have survived for so long, only to lately have some bizarre airport accidents damage them. The tug driver looks to be lucky that he wasn’t injured more seriously or killed.


It seems like it was being pulled, not pushed. This article seems to provide a bit more insight:
(Under the second bolded title)


The only way I can imagine that happening is they were going too fast and the tug jack-knifed.


The location of the damage on the starboard fuselage and the final angle of the tug would make it seem that way as well.


This is the second time a ground truck guy bashed a -30 model in the same month. “What is up NW ground crew?!?!? Are you trying to retire the 9s by crashing into them???” It also happened a couple weeks ago in BC, Canada. I saw a thread on it on I think it happened at YVR.


That style tug doesn’t use a towbar at all, they lift the nose gear onto a platform, and the tug driver can drive “forwards” with the airplane in tow. It appears that the mechanic riding the brakes wasn’t quick enough to get on the brakes. Either the tow vehicle slowed down abruptly, had a mechanical break-down, or took the turn too fast, and got jacked under the airplane before the mechanic could stop the airplane.


Not good!


Just an observation, but I would say they were pulling the plane, tried to stop/turn something that got the backend of the tug loose, jackknife occured. Notice the nose strut of the plane is almost 180 out from straight. Correct me if Im wrong but the scissors go to the rear on the DC-9.
Not sure what SOP is in the airlines, but the article said there was another mechanic inside the plane… brake rider?? They were probably going at a pretty good speed for the plane to crawl up that far on the tug, so there may not have been time for the brake rider to slow the plane down when he saw the tug start to jackknife.
Why they have towing speed limits.


There is a video at the link above. Doesnt show much, but shows something.

I couldnt help but notice how close to the E Concourse this is. If a plane had been pushing back or arriving (namely American) it could have been much worse.


Not to sound like a hot-shot… but the night of the Stupid Bowl, my dad was to fly out of here (KMSP) on a NW flight.

Long story short, they finally took off at like 1600-something, but the landing gear was froze and wouldn’t NOT retract. They had to turn around and make an emergency landing.

He left Monday safe and sound…

He said the Captain came over the Com and said" Ladies and Gentleman, it seems one of our landing gear has decided NOT to cooroperate. We have been given clearance to land at our discrestion… please disreguard the Emergency Trucks lining the runway… It’s normal protocal. Thanks for flying NW!".

Dad got to watch the Stupid Bowl, sleep in his OWN bed, and make his flight the next morning…

He works for Lockheed Martin… Does Lockheed have a privi jet??? LOL


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KMSP Fox 9 Had their bird in the air… if you serach their site you can find the video story