Does anyone know what the status of VP-BDJ, as well as N76DT are? Both have been inactive for a long period of time. Were their tail numbers changed?

N76DT doesn’t fly IFR hardly ever so it won’t show up on FlightAware. He flys it mostly from NYC down to the rooftop heliport on top of the parking garage in Atlantic City.
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VP-BDJ spent a lot of time in BQK the last 2 months and returned to LGA in a hybrid revised scheme in conjunction with it’s sale to Westair Aviation of Malaysia. They operate a VIP configured 732, Gulfstream and several helo’s. Aircraft should have arrived in Malaysia by now I believe. Below is a link to a so-so quality shot I was able to get in the rain at LGA with the new logo and titles. … tes/page/1

The beautiful 727’s replacement N757AF is still is BQK and is now track-able, will post photo’s once delivered
to KLGA.



N757AF (hexcode: AA3410) - Flew today(June 1st) on the east coast.

My first two shots of the new bird, will have much better ones when she starts flying regularly out of KLGA. … ate/page/1 … ate/page/1



N757AF video of the landing.
Jun 2, 2011 … l-campaign