D-Trumps 727

According to CNN D-Trump is parting with his 727 to upgrade to a larger plane.

Any thoughts (or knowledge) on what he may be upgrading to? Would a BBJ be considered a larger plane?


I don’t know. I think I’ve found my new weekend flying plane…


B727? That guzzler needs to head to the boneyard.

For an upgrade? I’d say nothing larger than a BBJ. ACJ maybe, but he should be able to realize that he could get just as much out of a Lineage 1000 than he could either the BBJ or ACJ, plus gets him access to airports that they can’t get to.

Sometimes bigger < better.


Wouldn’t you need a flight engineer for that thing too? I guess if you have the money for that, you’re not worried about paying for 3 up front.

For a 727? Absolutely. That and the DC10.


I don’t think The Donald is counting pennies, his 727’s got ramp!

Article says it has modern avionics. That translate to 2 pilots?

No. There was talk at one time of converting the 727 to a 2 man operation but Boeing didn’t like the idea. Additionally, the cost of having a flight engineer versus the conversion was prohibitive. Too many instruments on the FE’s panel. Additionally, the time to recoup the cost of conversion was many years - it was just cheaper to have the FE in the aircraft, even at $30,000 a year.

I so want to go and see it. It’s been in KMHT for a few weeks now. Wonder how much longer it will be there. Any guesses?

Check this out…

the AC has an Anguilla registration VP

does anyone know what a Engine Remote Oiler from Flight Deck is?

Nope. VP-B is the registration prefix for Bermuda.

The VP registration is always followed by another letter.
Here’s a complete list of the VP-? registrations

VP-A Anguilla
VP-B Bermuda
VP-C Cayman Islands
VP-F Falkland Islands
VP-G Gibraltar
VP-M Montserrat
VP-L British Virgin Islands

Edit: Aircraft registrations by country or territory can be found at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aircraft_registration

The Gulfstreams have an option for a remote oil system. It is not usable from the cockpit, you have to move a quick disconnect oil line at the engine and then hit a switch while you watch the oil level. All this time you are standing on a ladder, usually at 3AM in the rain and sleet in Keflavik or Gander. There is something like an 8 qt. tank in the back end, AKA “hell hole”, along with a small pump that supplies oil to the engine oil tank. Sounds like the Boeing has one that is hard plumbed and usable from the cockpit. Don’t tell our flight mechanic about it, he’ll want one. :slight_smile:

There is VP-Q now too.

John in Saudi

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It mentions in the listing that the aircraft was painted this year at Brunswick, Georgia. Why have “Trump” painted back on if the intention was to sell?

Dumb question, I suppose. This is “The Donald” we’re talking about.

Some of the finest tail in the world have graced those seats and bed!!! :open_mouth:

I’d be interested to know where there is an airstrip in Annapolis MD than can take a 727 coming or going. Does anyone know what country VP is?


I’m eager to see what kind of “guff” I get for not reading the whole post before I ask a question.

There isn’t a country with VP alone as the registration. Don’t believe me? Look at the 5th posting above yours.