Trump aircraft now blocked

Looks like Trump 757 N757AF and Citation X N725DT now blocked from tracking. Wonder why? What changed on the campaign trail? Note that his S76 helicopter N76DT is still available for tracking.

Cuz he’s a Paranoid Android. I already saw it anyway. :smiley:

N757AF (Donald Trump’s plane) at Bishop International Airport, August 11, 2015

Good time to put in a plug for more piaware MLAT stations. He can’t block that.

I’ve picked him up with my pi a couple of times.

Somewhat off topic, but is there a way to create an alert when your Piaware picks up a blocked flight? When looking at my ADS-B history, I see blocked flights that are logged and it shows there origin/destination. It would be nice to see that information on blocked flights that are picked up.

It’s standard Secret Service procedure for all POTUS.