Has anyone ever seen (in person) Donald Trump's 727 (VPBDJ)?

Has anyone, I am the biggest fan of Donald!!! :laughing:

I’ve seen his Deuce sitting on the ground at LGA, but I used to fly into TEB twice a week and would always see his Sikorsky S-76B sitting in the Jet Aviation hangar.

Not live, but here’s some photos.


I ve seem it at LGA, quite a few times.
Now, the question is, Have you ever been inside a major jet?
I have… Once inside Malcon Forbes (Senior),The old B727 (Capitalist Tool); also John Travolta’s HS125, years ago, before he bought his B707… and also… Air Force 2, when Mr Bush was the Vice President. All this happened, during the 80’s, back when i worked for Varig Airlines as a Ground Handling Support agent, at SBBR.