Troll Control


Is there ANYTHING that can be done about the trolling monster “blitzer” in the Comair 191 Down! thread?


He’s just as free to express his thoughts/opinions as you or me. Free speech can be a bitch sometimes. :wink:

I will say that I could live without the holier-than-thou attitude and the personal attacks, but that’s just my opinion.


Maybe if you just ignore him he’ll go away. Apparently he thinks this forum is a waste of time so I imagine he won’t be around very long.


You mean like censor? You mean like get rid of expression you don’t like? You mean speech you can’t handle?

On what grounds?


“Holier than thou” is just a catch-all complaint that has no real meaning. It’s just the way people feel, not anything I’ve done, of course.

“Personal attacks”? I refrained from personal attacks until I realized that that didn’t stop others’ personal attacks like calling me “prick” and stuff.

Still, I never called anybody names, only suggested a mental impairment may have caused them to attack me personally, and it’s still true.



No, I mean like disable your account and get rid of people who abuse the forums for whatever personal enjoyment that they get from doing so.

Freedom of speech has it’s limits! For example, he’s not free to parade around on the White House lawn and start spewing garbage from a megaphone. He’s not free to walk into a library and make a nuisance. He’s not free to get up on stage during a Metallica concert and start singing.

He should not be allowed to overrun an otherwise peaceful and enjoyable place for us to gather and share ideas in a civilized environment.


Whhhhhhhiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz… PLUNK!


Censorship is something the government does.

Private forums (private in the sense that it’s not operated by the government) can do whatever it wants to do. It can limit postings if it wants to.



And, in what way do I abuse the forum that you don’t abuse it?

He should not be allowed to overrun an otherwise peaceful and enjoyable place for us to gather and share ideas in a civilized environment.

“Overrun”?? More like it’s too much for you to handle.

Do you consider calling me a “prick” part of a “civilized environment”?

Fact is, I post and you post. Nobody is overruning anything. There are enough electrons for all.

Actually, I don’t care whether my acount is cancelled, or not. You are the biggest bunch of crybabies I have ever seen! You ought to be ashamed of yourself.


You can also create a closed thread, and only certain people would be allowed. That way, people who cannot stand in-depth, exhaustive discussion can have a place to run and hide and they don’t have to contaminate themselves with the likes of my posts.


Anyone here know how to do this? Sounds like a GREAT idea to me!


A “closed thread” is a thread that no longer allows posting to it.


I explained what I mean by “closed thread,” and you just ignore it and apply your own meaning, then correct me, as though I used your meaning when I didn’t. I used mine.

Soooo, I guess have to spell it out for you. Ok.

Call it what you want. You can call it a “closed thread,” meaning it is closed to all but a few desireables, or you can call it, “Qwoedofj,” or you can call it, “Fido,” or, “Sandwich,” if you wish; but whatever you call it, create a thread only for cerftain people and keep out the others who are not master race enough to be a part of that society, that is, those usual suspects like me who challenge people to think. Those that a couple, or few, don’t like, for whatever reason they dream up, like me, wouldn’t have a chance in a society like that because the minority controls it; they complain that their little feelings are hurt, amd everything has to change for everybody. So, a new thread – maybe called, “Mommy” – for the protection of these couple of individuals would be just the ticket. It would be warm and fuzzy.

In this thread – call it, “Turkey Roll” – nobody would be upset by anybody, and all would live happily everafter while people like me would wallow in the filth of free, civil expression of even upsetting ideas. “Turkey Roll” would be cleansed of all that and happines would abound.

Y’see, if you have the right reasons, like a clique that hates, you can justify discrimination and reserve the best places for those you want, those who toe the line and don’t upset anybody in the clique. It’s so easy cuz, after all, the clique can’t be wrong, eh?

In that place, you can have only the ideas and expressions you want and not be bothered by the inconvenient ideas and expressions you don’t like. Simple.

In this new thread – let’s call it, “Gene” – accessible only by password, everybody can express their love and tenderness and have peace without the taxing messiness of challenges. Nobody will be pushed to think and everybody can feel good about walking on eggshells so they don’t get anybody worked up.

Sounds like a little piece of heaven, don’tchathink?


That’s right. Life’s a bitch, ain’t it?


The joy it must bring you to be part of a group, a clique, that singles out people the group doesn’t like, just cuz the group doesn’t like them! A pack of dogs acts the same way. So, as you indicate, life’s a bitch, and a clique is like a pack of dogs.

The Hitler gang was a clique, too. They thought they were special and that outsiders were scum.

They trashmouthed the opposition until they worked themselves into believing that the opposition should be “cleansed” from society. You people are in “good” company. Well, I guess you gotta do wutchoo gotta do to get social fuzzies.


For somebody who doesn’t like the FA forum, I’m surprized you’ve hung around as long as you have. You are welcome if you want to be here. If you don’t, that’s your choice.

WOW!!! :imp:


Yes, social fuzzies on an internet forum. :laughing: :unamused:

I think you are looking way too much into this, and don’t realize that this just results from most of the people here not liking you.

I would post the Special Olympics internet fighting picture here, but it was deleted the last time it was posted here. :wink:


So, I’m supposed to shrink now that you have told me that most of the people here don’t like me? Is THAT it? Am I supposed to cry now?

Well, some people like me, and some don’t. Those that do, do. Those that don’t don’t. I’m not runnin’ for president. I don’t ask for a show of hands before I announce my views. As I have said, I’m not much on courting cliques.

I’m not wasting my time and energy on those who choose not to like me. They’re big enough to make their own decisions, or to let the clique make them for them. They are not my employer, not my wife and I ain’t in the Army with them as superior officers. So, wuddooIcare?

Y’see, you think that I’m like you in that you think that I will worry and be crushed by the news that most don’t like me cuz that’s what YOU would do and be, and that I will now try to woo and court you and them so that I can be welcomed into the fold.

I got a news bulletin for you: I’m NOT like you. I can utterly dismiss what others think, especially if the others are a clique. The clique you’re in has no effect on my life whatsoever. So, as I say, wuddoIcare?

Didn’t you say earlier, “Life’s a bitch”? Ditto.



I don’t think anyone in this forum has a problem with a difference of opinion. This “clique” that you so despise has multiple disagreements on a daily basis. A point is debated, and a resolution is reached, or all parties simply agree to disagree. At the end of the day, noone’s feelings are hurt. The problem that you’re encountering stems from your abrasive nature; not your views. I (along with several others) agreed that your assessment of the Comair crash was probably spot-on, although it was a little premature. When anyone had any differing opinion or thoughts about the investigation itself, it was you who went on the attack, sometimes getting personal. I’m not trying to pick on you, I’m just stating facts. If you wish, go ahead and give me the I’m-rubber-and-you’re-glue schtick, but it doesn’t add a whole lot to the discussion, much like the don’t-let-the-issue-die routine (a la the “Certificate” vs. “License” debate—technically, you may be right, but what are you trying to accomplish?) You seem like a pretty intelligent guy (or gal?), and I know that most of the people here would welcome you to stay involved with the discussions, including myself. You don’t have to change your ways if you don’t want to; just understand that if you do rub people the wrong way (here or anywhere else), you’re gonna have to expect to be received with a little hostility right back. It has nothing to do with a clique.
All right, I think (hope, pray, beg) that I’m done debating this silliness; it would be great if we could all get back to some “real” aviation discussions.


Blitzer must be liberal. Why? Because he changes the meanings of words and phrases. I looked up the phrase “closed thread” on Google. Without exception, it refered to a thread in a forum that was no longer accesible for posting or reading or both.

He also really enjoys listening to himself because his posts have to be among the longest on this forum.

I have nothing against liberals, per se. I just don’t like their “holier than thou and I know what’s best for you” attitude.