Travis AFB (SUU) lots of general aviation departures


There appears to be a bug with the departures from SUU. At 8:15 a.m. on 29 Aug, I found the following listed on the arrivals page:

PAC8225 B744 Chicago O’Hare Intl (KORD) Fri 01:56 CDT Fri 03:52 PDT
PAC8214 B744 Kadena Ab (RODN) Sat 01:06 GMT Sat 04:26 PDT
PAC8214 B744 Kadena Ab (RODN) Sat 01:06 GMT Sat 04:14 PDT
N186AM SBR1 Palmdale Regional (KPMD) Thu 16:52 PDT Thu 17:31 PDT
GTI8074 B742 Honolulu Int’l (PHIK) Sat 22:22 HST Sun 05:48 PDT
GTI8072 B742 Honolulu Int’l (PHIK) Wed 16:51 HST Thu 00:33 PDT
EIA4470 B742 Pinal Airpark (KMZJ) Wed 17:08 MST Wed 18:42 PDT
EIA2228 B742 John F Kennedy Intl (KJFK) Thu 03:45 EDT Thu 05:57 PDT
EIA2213 B741 Honolulu Int’l (PHIK) Fri 16:44 HST Sat 00:07 PDT
EIA2211 B742 Yokota Ab (RJTY) Mon 10:08 GMT Mon 09:26 PDT
EIA2210 B742 Mc Clellan Airfield (KMCC) Sat 07:00 PDT Sat 07:07 PDT
EIA2205 B742 Yokota Ab (RJTY) Thu 09:21 GMT Thu 09:04 PDT
EIA2203 B741 Yokota Ab (RJTY) Tue 04:09 GMT Tue 03:35 PDT
EIA2202 B741 Mc Clellan Airfield (KMCC) Sun 02:20 PDT Sun 02:20 PDT
ATN410 DC86 Mc Clellan Airfield (KMCC) Sun 08:01 PDT Sun 08:13 PDT

The above looks normal for SUU.

Looking at the departures, I found the following:

N397MW C182 Magic Valley Rgnl (KTWF) Fri 08:05 PDT Fri 09:55 MDT
N2668M BE36 Chico Muni (KCIC) Fri 07:16 PDT Fri 07:34 PDT Fri 07:57 PDT
N9220Q BE33 Cedar City Rgnl (KCDC) Fri 07:10 PDT Fri 09:02 MDT Fri 08:57 MDT
GTI8073 B742 Anchorage Intl (PANC) Fri 01:08 PDT Fri 03:58 YDT Fri 04:01 YDT
N40001 PA24 Lincoln Regional (KLHM) Thu 21:00 PDT Thu 21:09 PDT Thu 21:21 PDT
N50EJ EA50 Fall River Mills (O89) Thu 19:10 PDT Thu 20:23 PDT Thu 19:10 PDT
N5582T C172 Rio Linda (L36) Thu 18:56 PDT Fri 02:03 GMT Fri 02:18 GMT
N6457B PA28 Reno/Tahoe Intl (KRNO) Thu 18:30 PDT Thu 18:55 PDT Thu 18:30 PDT
N647B Reno/Tahoe Intl (KRNO) Thu 18:30 PDT Thu 19:40 PDT Thu 19:25 PDT
N232YR Byron (C83) Thu 17:49 PDT Thu 17:55 PDT Thu 18:05 PDT
N233ER MO20 Byron (C83) Thu 17:49 PDT Thu 17:55 PDT Thu 17:49 PDT
N584HP BE58 Fresno Yosemite Intl (KFAT) Thu 17:22 PDT Thu 17:49 PDT Thu 18:19 PDT
N36D C182 Westover Field Amador County (O70) Thu 17:16 PDT Thu 17:27 PDT Thu 17:35 PDT
N155DG C210 Auburn Muni (KAUN) Thu 17:00 PDT Thu 17:11 PDT Thu 17:25 PDT
N501JE C500 Sacramento Executive (KSAC) Thu 16:46 PDT Thu 16:51 PDT Thu 16:55 PDT
N1042A PA18 Andy Mc Beth (S51) Thu 16:30 PDT Fri 00:13 GMT Thu 23:30 GMT
N5790K BE35 Arlington Muni (KAWO) Thu 15:47 PDT Thu 19:26 PDT Thu 15:47 PDT
N171DF BE58 Truckee-Tahoe (KTRK) Thu 15:46 PDT Thu 16:07 PDT Thu 16:25 PDT
N3547T COL Ukiah Muni (KUKI) Thu 15:39 PDT Thu 15:55 PDT Thu 15:39 PDT
N6108R C210 Tracy Muni (KTCY) Thu 15:27 PDT Thu 15:35 PDT Thu 15:39 PDT
N619VM C185 Rogue Valley Intl (KMFR) Thu 15:10 PDT Thu 15:43 PDT Thu 15:10 PDT
N231RX MO20 Stockton Metropolitan (KSCK) Thu 14:12 PDT Thu 14:20 PDT Thu 14:33 PDT
N828VV PC12 Modesto City Arpt (KMOD) Thu 13:57 PDT Thu 14:09 PDT Thu 14:19 PDT
N4383D PA28 Lincoln Regional (KLHM) Thu 13:39 PDT Thu 13:48 PDT Thu 14:00 PDT
N930MG C500 Truckee-Tahoe (KTRK) Thu 13:14 PDT Thu 13:35 PDT Thu 13:33 PDT
N38912 PA32 Monterey Peninsula (KMRY) Thu 13:04 PDT Thu 13:24 PDT Thu 13:43 PDT
N969SK BE55 Stockton Metropolitan (KSCK) Thu 12:58 PDT Thu 13:06 PDT Thu 13:16 PDT
CHP37 C172 Sacramento Executive (KSAC) Thu 12:12 PDT Thu 12:17 PDT Thu 12:25 PDT
N69491 C414 Watsonville Muni (KWVI) Thu 11:48 PDT Thu 12:04 PDT Thu 12:16 PDT
EIA2205 B742 Mc Clellan Airfield (KMCC) Thu 11:44 PDT Thu 11:57 PDT Thu 11:56 PDT
N21286 BE36 John Wayne Arpt (KSNA) Thu 11:22 PDT Thu 12:07 PDT Thu 12:37 PDT
N7325M C175 Reno/Tahoe Intl (KRNO) Thu 11:08 PDT Thu 11:33 PDT Thu 11:08 PDT
N8368Q C206 Empire (1A8) Thu 10:52 PDT Thu 18:29 GMT Thu 18:33 GMT
N8222Z C206 Empire (1A8) Thu 10:19 PDT Thu 17:56 GMT Thu 17:19 GMT
N8233Z Empire (1A8) Thu 10:19 PDT Thu 17:56 GMT Thu 18:17 GMT
N77JB BE55 Truckee-Tahoe (KTRK) Thu 10:11 PDT Thu 10:32 PDT Thu 10:45 PDT
N8184N BE36 Westover Field Amador County (O70) Thu 10:02 PDT Thu 10:13 PDT Thu 10:13 PDT
EIA2228 B742 Honolulu Int’l (PHIK) Thu 09:53 PDT Thu 11:30 HST Thu 11:19 HST
N6NT C210 Amedee Aaf (KAHC) Thu 09:44 PDT Thu 10:13 PDT Thu 09:44 PDT
N62Q PA28 Mc Clellan Airfield (KMCC) Thu 09:42 PDT Thu 09:49 PDT Thu 10:04 PDT
N713SR SR22 Yolo County-Davis/Woodland/Winters (2Q3) Thu 09:26 PDT Thu 09:30 PDT Thu 09:36 PDT
N5157N C182 Palo Alto Airport (KPAO) Thu 08:56 PDT Thu 09:06 PDT Thu 09:15 PDT
N355TG SR22 Watsonville Muni (KWVI) Thu 08:45 PDT Thu 09:01 PDT Thu 09:16 PDT
N26533 C421 Friedman Memorial (KSUN) Thu 08:43 PDT Thu 12:26 MDT Thu 12:06 MDT
N907Q BE35 Cameron Airpark (O61) Thu 08:34 PDT Thu 08:44 PDT Thu 08:51 PDT
N2668M BE35 Chico Muni (KCIC) Thu 07:57 PDT Thu 08:15 PDT Thu 08:29 PDT
N2355Y C177 New Coalinga Muni (C80) Thu 07:11 PDT Thu 07:41 PDT Thu 08:03 PDT
N4804E C172 (KBAY) Thu 06:57 PDT Thu 13:57 GMT Thu 13:57 GMT
NGF81DL Happy Camp (36S) Thu 06:30 PDT Thu 07:48 PDT Thu 07:40 PDT
N81DL BE36 Happy Camp (36S) Thu 06:30 PDT Thu 07:14 PDT Thu 06:30 PDT

(departures go on for another 6 pages!)
This looks abnormal. I can see a handful of general aviation aircraft operating out of SUU but not over 300 in a few days.


Probably either pop-up IFR or VFR flights that are picking up pop-up IFR clearances or flight following near the SUU TACAN. Note they’re all missing filed airspeed/altitude/route information and in the raw data they appear as a departure without a previously filed flightplan.

Looking at the last 20 or so GA aircraft to depart from KSUU, they generally have a lot of departures from KSUU over the last month and some over the last year. May be a recent change by ATC that has increased the number of flights with SUU as the origin instead of another airport or a lat/long.