Tragedy at San Juan Airport Terminal

Last week-end at TSJU a tourist that arrive from Chicago en route to connect with his cruise ship , died from a heart attack …But thats not the worst of it because the problem is that it took emergency medical technicians . over 20 minutes to arrive to victim in terminal B because they had to go thru TSA security, and when they arrive to treat the patient there equipment was faulty …There was a passenger doctor who try to help victim but the airline personal did not know were was the emergency machine to revive heart attacks victims located in terminal if you can believe that !Oh to make this story even more sick the victim had to laid on terminal floor for over six hours and just partially cover while thousands of tourist pass by because they had to wait for the Public D. A. to give permission to lift body as require by law ! The Puerto Rican goverment should be of shame of themselves for this kind of reaction when they have emergency in there terminals …Port Authorities and airlines are passing the buck that they are not legally responable to treat medical emergency…

Why didn’t the passenger doctor use the automated defibrillator from onboard an aircraft?

What is your source for this?

I tend to believe your part about the TSA because they are complete idiots when it comes to logic.

you can go to , but remember this story came out over the week-end here on the island…Oh yeah I hope you know spanish because our english paper does not have a website …Also google it “chicago tourist has heart attack at LMM airport”…

The victim had his attack in terminal B of the San Juan Airport ,not on the aircraft,and there is rumor the device you mention, that airline personal did not know its location of that emergency equipment !