Traffic displayed on my PiAware Skyview


How can I see everybody else’s traffic on my PiAware Skyview? Right now I can only see my own traffic. Thank you


As far as I know, SkyView can only display your own data. It gets a feed straight out of dump1090-fa.

The only exception to this seems to be MLAT data, it will share and receive data for that but again only display aircraft you can see.


Thank you FlyingPeteNZ, if that’s the case I hope the people at FlightAware find a way to display all the traffic just like PlanePlotter does.


They do. It’s their web site.


And here’s another question that can make use of the same topic:
A couple of minutes ago I could see an airplane flying nearby at 3000ft in front of my window.
At the same time I followed the same plane on my Piaware Skyview and the track was solid green but it changed a couple of times to a dashed gray line.
How is it possible to miss ADS-B messages at such a distance with no obstacles in the line of sight and with sufficient signal (about -2.5dBFS)?
Is this something inherent to the way how ADS-B signals are transmitted or are my Pi and Flightaware dongle unable to keep up when the traffic is quite dense (180 aircraft out of 245)?


-2.5dBFS is basically in overload, FWIW (it means you are seeing >50% of theoretical maximum power, and Mode S signals have a 50% duty cycle)

You’d need to look at the raw messages to work out whether you were missing messages, or wheteher the messages were implausible (and so discarded) etc.
There are a surprising number of aircraft that transmit garbage.

It’s unlikely to be CPU overload unless your CPU is actually overloaded (pinned at 100%). The extra work that dump1090 does per aircraft is small, most of the work is the mostly-fixed overhead of demodulating the sample data.


I have my preamp at 45dB, guess this will cause some garbled messages for nearby flights…
Reducing the gain would probably solve this problem but this would also reduce my max range.
Any idea if Radarcape or Mode-S Beast have a better dynamic range compared to the Flightaware dongle?


Almost certainly, since they are actually designed for Mode S rather than being a re-purposed digital TV receiver…