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Tracking with Garmin Inreach Integration

Garmin Inreach offers a tracking option integrated with FlightAware.
The Inreach can send the aircraft coordinates every 2 minutes (or less on profesional plans) using the Iridium Satellite network which has global coverage.

The question is how does this integration works? I think it involves having a FlightAware Global subscription, but it is too expensive for me to pay 140 USD not even knowing how it works or if it will work at all. I couldn’t find any details anywhere. When I select the FlightAware option in my Inreach account it says that It will share with FlightAware my location, time, altitude, etcetera, and my Inreach IMEI. That’s all. And when I select the “More information” option, it just redirects me to the FlightAware Global Page.

I believe at some point when I subscribe that FlightAware will ask for my Inreach IMEI, but I am assuming this as I couldn’t find any information anywhere.

Any help will be much appreciated.

PS: Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes as English is not my native language.

Generally, that’s the way that datalink services will work - an aircraft is paired via an identifier like your IMEI and the resulting data that FA receives is fused into a privileged version of the flight data that’s then visible / manageable via FlightAware Global.

I’m not familiar with the details of the Garmin datalink integration myself but if you contact the sales or customer service teams (see https://flightaware.com/about/contact/commercial or the button at the bottom of the Global page) they can point you in the right direction.