International Tracking


I am going to be doing a record flight around the world for charity and would like a way to have tracking on a website. I know flightaware is primarily domestic. Any ideas?


I don’t know of any comprehensive global flight tracking site; the issue is primarily the availability of feeds from the various aviation authorities and the right to redistribute those feeds freely. One way to achieve global tracking would be to equip your aircraft with one of the various gps+satphone systems (SkyConnect, Wingspeed, etc [not an endorsement of any particular system]) and then create a web interface to access the data.


mduell’s suggestion for tracking via a satlink is right on. Our company uses it world wide and it’s great. Most Sat-tracking systems are TSO’d and simple to install and allow you control over who can track you.(web based for viewing). I would double it up with a SAT com system for your trip (like air cells 3100){NOT AN ENDORESMENT}. There are many systems to chose from. My opinion, lean to Irridium not magnastar. opinion only.


For those of us interested, is there a website or something that we can go to for info about this flight? Like which charity, aircraft type, proposed stops (if any), timeline, and donation info?

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