Improvements to flight tracking data released.


The best and most popular flight tracking service just got better!

Effective immediately, FlightAware has improved estimated arrival time (ETA) calculations, inbound international flight support, as well as increased support for en route diversions. Previously, FlightAware would only amend an ETA one to two times per flight. Now, FlightAware will constantly amend the ETA as necessary to offer the most reliable estimated arrival time. Additionally, international flights inbound to US airports should be better supported and we will be improving the amount of data available for those flights very soon.

If you own an aircraft, you can now purchase a full history search on FlightAware to access flight history not available on the FlightAware web site. Simply click “buy now” in your aircraft’s “Activity Log” – the report (in an Excel-compatible format) will be e-mailed to you within an hour.

If you operate an FBO, it’s time to take your services to the next level with AirportAware, FlightAware’s next generation activity display for FBOs.

Software developers should consider DirectFlight, FlightAware’s API for incorporating FlightAware data and technology into your software applications..

Many more substantial improvements are nearing release as well so expect to see even more accuracy improvements for international flights, performance increases, as well as additional mapping features. FlightAware will also be offering more commercial services to complement the existing FlightAware suite of service for improving aviation businesses.

Thanks for using FlightAware!