Tracking Lost While Holding N5117 DTW-IAD


This flight held (at DRUZZ I think) waiting for IAD to reopen, then all tracking stopped. FAQ says reason for “result unknown” is that flight did not arrive as scheduled. As long as the position is known (and it was displayed for quite a while after scheduled arrival) seems the tracking should continue until flight arrives or diverts. Am I missing something? I’m assuming the flight didn’t just crash.


The FAQ’s also say this could be due to Flight Aware not receiving an arrival message from the FAA. … /KDTW/KIAD


Track map is still being updated, but without the current position graphic. Also the track data table is not available. Now has apparently left the holding pattern and may be diverting.


Track map has now reverted to an earlier view and does not show leaving the hold. Maybe this is one of those spook flights we’re not supposed to know about :wink:


Now tracking again and evidently diverting to BWI. But still don’t understand why track data (timestamp/coords/speed/altitude) are not available. FA is obviously getting at least position data.