BAW294 disappeared

I was tracking BAW294 (IAH-ORD) this evening, since I saw it go over my house in east Texas, and I noticed it got into a huge series of holds coming into Chicago. Now for some reason it has vanished in northwest Ohio with “result unknown”. Its proposed arrival time was 7:13 pm CDT, so I wonder if planes get removed from Flightaware when they become over 2 hours late.


The aliens abducted it! :smiling_imp: Its a very common scenario here. Now that is what I call a hold! Congrats pilot on a great hold.

Looks like a diversion to KTDW due to traffic hold at KORD.

Change in flight plan mid flight results sometimes in a flight “disappearance”. A new flight plan is created in “space”, usually a lat/long coordinate and concludes at the new destination.

edit: just found this. … /KIAH/KORD

aliens replace the flight…like it nneeeevvvveerrrrr happened. :wink:

Yep. Chicago had real crappy wx last night. There were something like 70 reports of large hail, along with scattered wind damage; LOTS of severe t-storms all over N. Illinois.