Tracking by aircraft type?


Is there a way to show all B727’s (as an example) flying? I ask because I am looking for real world scheduled flights to use with MS Flight Simulator at a Virtual Airline and one of my favorite aircraft for MSFS is a 727.

If that is not possible, can anyone recommend a way to find airlines that fly a certain aircraft (B722 or B732, for example)?

Thanks for any help and ideas!



Here you go:*


My idea would be to click on the “Live Tracking” button on the upper left corner of this very screen and then click on “Airborne by Aircraft Type”. :wink:


If that isn’t enough a of a hint, then enter the type code in the search box on that page, e.g. B722 gives you:

You won’t find many as the 727 is no longer used by any US commercial carrier in passenger service IIRC.


There’s still a lot operating for FedEx and other cargo carriers, though.


As well as in charter service. I just wanted to point out that the sky is not going to be full of them anymore like in the old days and perhaps the OP might want to consider using a different aircraft as a model for his virtual airline.

E.g. the B734, or B733, or perhaps the B737.


That’s true, much more available to you with the more common types.


Thanks guys…I completely missed the “airborne by aircraft type” live tracking (Sheesh!).

And to explain the VA thing a bit better…it’s an established VA but to earn the most points you have to fly regularly scheduled airlines. They can be anywhere in the world so I’m hoping that between cargo carriers like Fedex (which you mentioned) and foreign carriers, I can get some hours in my 727. I also have the entire line of 737’s, from the 200 to the 900 so I should be able to find plenty of passenger flights for those. Once I buy some Airbus addons I should have it all pretty well covered :wink: .

Thanks again!