Tracked VFR, No flight following


Just completed round robin K22 KLCK K22.
filed IFR going to KLCK, VFR no flight following on the return.
Flight aware tracked the return trip??? :smiley:


I’m not sure how we received tracking info if you weren’t on flight following… perhaps you forgot to reset your transponder code to 1200?

Out of curiosity, did something “funny” happen with your outbound clearance? For the trip to LCK it looks like ATC goofed and marked you as departed, corrected 4 minutes later with a cancellation, and then got your actual departure at 7:54AM EST.


Not that I know of!
But We have one of the new fangled Garmin Xponders that you just push a botton to switch to VFR code that may not have switched to 1200. I bet that is what happened.