Tracked Flights - "Photos" Link Gone?

I noticed a change to tracked flights today.

When I click on a tail number and its tracking page pops up, there is usually a thumbnail at the top with two links to the side: [registration] and [photos].

But the photos link is gone. Is that intentional?

No, we’ll look into this. In the mean time, you can click on the photo that shows up.

Thanks, fixed this and the Bonanza that was showing up for some European flights.

If it helps, the [photos] link *does *appear if you enter an N-number into the “Flight/Tail#:” window on the left.

But if you’re looking at a list of flights (for an airport or a/c type) and click on an N-number contained with a list, that’s when the link fails to appear.

It’s generating the flight’s tracking page slightly differently.

You were probably served by different webservers as they were going out and back into production in the process of being updated.