Tail number in "See Photos" link formatted incorrectly?

Hi there,

I’m using FA v3.1.0 on a Raspberry Pi 2.

If I click on an aircraft in the map view and then “See Photos”, the FA website always seems to say that it can’t find any photos of the aircraft.

I think this is because the “See Photos” link includes a hyphen after the prefix of the tail number, whereas the FA website (in my experience) only shows photos when the hyphen is excluded. Here’s an example:

“See Photos” link for aircraft HB-JVE:
uk.flightaware.com/photos/aircraft/HB-JVE (no photos available)

Working FA link for aircraft HB-JVE:
uk.flightaware.com/photos/aircraft/HBJVE (19 photos available)

Is this a bug?



Yes, there does appear to be a bug there. Thanks for reporting it. I’ll address it with our web team.

No problem, thanks for looking into it :slight_smile: