Tiger Woods


Anyone know what tail number Tiger Woods flies on?


Tiger Woods doesn’t fly on a tail number. He mostly flies via NetJets G-IV. Unlike most most NetJets flight that operate as EJA### they show up on FA as N4##QS.

There are other threads on here talking about Tiger’s flights. There is a search button at the top of this page.


That’s b/c it’s NJI - NetJet International operates the G-IV’s, I believe they all operate using tail numbers. NJI and NJA are kissing cousins.

"]NetJets International/NJI - The NetJets Gulfstream Large Cabin Fleet consisting of the Gulfstream 450 and Gulfstream 550 aircraft, is operated by NetJets International based in the Windsor Locks, CT, and NJI, Inc. based in the Hilton Head, SC area.

NetJets Aviation, Inc. - All aircraft with the exception of the Gulfstream 450, Gulfstream 550, and Boeing Business Jet offered by NetJets in the United States are operated by NetJets Aviation. Operations center located in Columbus, OH.


That is so weird!


all of NetJets Gulfstreams and BBJ’s operate using the full tail number regardless of it being a domestic or international flight. All other NetJets flights use EJA if operating domestically, but if they fly to the Caribbean or Mexico or any other place internationally they will use the full N-number as well.


Like this?


You can hear towards the end of the video tower say Gulfstream 2QS. Even if that flight were domestic, it would still be called over ATC by N502QS. Searchable on FlightAware by entering 502QS into the Flight/Tail#: box.


Keep in mind, many times NetJets users have different inbound and outbound aircraft. It’s also possible they may rarely, if ever, fly on the specific aircraft that they are invested in.


That flight was domestic, from Minnesota to Washington.


Oh sorry…missed that the first time i watched it.


Tiger’s victory ride home from Dubai.