QS tail numbers displayed only on the tracking onfp


How can I request all tail numbers that end in QS only? " I am a Netjets Captain on the GV"


The only was I can see doing that is if there was a wildcard search, which has been a requested feature on the board here (myself requesting it a number of times :wink:).


The vast majority of the Netjets flights are prefixed with EJA and the N-number less the QS portion - e.g. EJA102 and EJA711


Dami, I think he knows that. God, I hope he knows that.


Me, too.


One thought is, all international flights use the QS tail number and not flight number. Maybe that’s what he’s looking for.

If that’s the case, FA only tracks FAA controlled flights. A/C that start overseas are only tracked as the they enter the US and visa versa. That’s it in a nut shell


I thought their G’s were filed under the tail number. I think what he is getting at is he wants to see the fleet or find the ones in service without entering each tail number. I can only find about ten G-V’s registered to NetJets.

Perhaps in exchange for some info or stories we can find a way to help ‘egbinsc’.
This shows up:

This doesn’t: