Diddy's tail number


Does anybody know the tail number for Diddy’s aircraft?


http://www.smashbrothersonline.com/CharacterBios/BioDiddyKong.jpg <----Diddy Kong


Can anyone identify this plane?

(From MTV’s Web site)

Gulfstream G-IV-SP?

Looks like maybe THIS NETJETS JET:

…or maybe THIS ONE

Do ALL of NetJets planes have the same paint scheme? :open_mouth:


I guess all we can say at this point is he flies on a NetJets G-IV…




Yup. Just realized this?
…and you call yourself an aviation enthusiast. :unamused: :wink:


I may be mistaken, but on NetJets, the striping does not go all the way around the nose of the aircraft.


Some do some don’t… On their Falcon 2000’s and Gulfstream IV’s & V’s they do…


I’ve seen slight variations within type (ie G-IV) and a few such as the above example which don’t even come close. They may have a few older planes around or some which may have been acquired other than new.


I’ve noticed on many of the “QS” planes, they have similar stripping on them, but not necessarily the same:

G-IV with full stripes

G-IV without full stripes


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I’m still learning :blush: