Kevin Costner?

Does anyone know the tail number for Mr Costner? I may have found a partial pic of his plane on this site: … 30683.html

Looks like a Netjets paint scheme.

The perspective of the photo is as his vehicle is passing by what appears to be a NetJets Citation Excel. However that may not of been the aircraft that he was on. It could just be an aircraft that became the background of the photo as he drove by…

Wasn’t a NJA tie on the pilot.

Hah!.. Gotcha leardvr…but only by seconds… :unamused:

DANG IT :imp:

When I queried TIW, no signs of any jet activity (that’s not restricted).

Did you search back to Aug 11? That’s the date the story was published?

Kevin Costner pays a mystery visitBILL HUTCHENS; The News Tribune Published: *August 11th, 2007 *01:00 AM

I missed that part! I was looking at the article where it said “arrived by plane a little after 1 p.m. Friday, hopped into a car and disappeared.”

Aside from the topic of Kev’s choice of jets, I would love to hear him sing and play acoustic!

I could be wrong but i’m pretty sure he doesn’t use NetJets. He comes into my home airport (GMU) once a year for a golf tourney. This year I think he arrived on a CL-604. Sorry no tail number. I know his daughter has her own beechjet.