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TV Show Airplane Repo

Sorry if this is a repost, but I was watching the show Airplane Repo and after some tracking, the aircraft that Nick Popovich owns is N600NH which comes back to Six Hundred NP LLC which is the “front” for Nick Popovich.

Aircraft is a CL-600 Challenger.

I think you have a typo it is N600NP not “NH”. Good find and interesting show.

N600NP Flights mostly on the east coast (Florida,Texas, Philadelphia, Grand Rapids, MI).

They did a couple of shows from Bakersfield,CA. and I know from inside people that both “steals” were staged.

In the episode I happened upon last night they made a small mistake. They block the aircraft numbers but in this segment the radio of the Citation they “stole” didn’t work. The pilot can clearly be heard trying to call ATC with “458ck”. A quick check shows N458ck registered to the same owner since 2007. And yes it is the same aircraft, at least paint wise. Maybe a co-owner repo but still kind of suspect.

I’ve never understood why TV “reality” shows block N numbers, fuzzy out license plate numbers, and pixel company logos on sweatshirts. All of these are perfectly legal to show because they are in public areas. Wait! I understand why! The reason is spelled “scumbag low lives” (pronunciation: lawyer").

I just saw this show last week and was wondering if they could really “steal” planes. Seems to me that in this day and time, once it was reported “stolen”, fighter jets would be scrambled from the nearest base??

There’s a difference between repossessing and stealing an item, be it an aircraft, a car, or your kitty cat.

As a former FBO OPs manager I would occasionally have to deal with bank repos. It’s not at all like the the ridiculous cloak-and-dagger drama on that show. I watched half an episode before flipping channels. Blech.

The typical repo would involve a bank rep accompanied by a county sheriff coming to meet with the owner or operator and serving them with the repo paperwork. They’d take the aircraft logs, keys (if any) and chain the prop or whatever. That was it.
Our FBO staff was instructed to report anyone other than an identified bank rep trying to access the aircraft for any reason. I only had to do it once when a helicopter flight school based with us had all of it’s Robinsons repo’d. The company owner and chief CFI took one of the birds to a local airport and back one night so I turned him in to the bank (he was a shifty scumbag who never paid us on time either so I was more than happy to help out lol). I had to make a statement to the police and apparently a warrant for his arrest was issued for grand theft or whatever. Never saw or heard from the guy after that.

BTW If you have to finance a cat you must be in dire straits :open_mouth:

Blocked N#'s and license plates is only for the privacy of the owner. Yes, they are in “public” viewing, but there is a huge difference between 200, at most, people seeing it, versus possibly millions, which increases the chance of some idiots some where trying to pull something.
The “fuzzy” logos and such is usually either for; 1) Something that cant be seen on normal cable TV channels, or; 2) The TV program is not being paid an advertising fee from the company whose logo is fuzzed out.

Its a fun show to watch! I have re-po’d at least a half dozen business aircraft in the last few years. Each and every time, no Sheriff needed. Its certainly nothing like in the show, but its still fun to watch I guess.

I like the show because of the airplanes and flying, but I am not genius or detective and I’ve found numerous inconsistencies. The few tail numbers you could find (on the panel placard) all indicate they are still flying, and mostly in and out of the airport they were “repo’d” from. The worst was when the Texas guy repo’d the Citation during the job interview. There was a Hawker parked on the side of that hangar. At the end of the show they land the Citation and taxi right back to the same hangar with the same Hawker parked there.

The same goes for that Citation in Florida that kept “getting away”. The plane they found in the hangar with the N-number taped up had the EXACT same paint scheme as the one they were looking for, but “that wasn’t it”. The average, non-aviation viewer will never notice, but it’s interesting to see behind the curtain a little bit!

I still watch it for the aviation, but could do without the artificial drama…

Reality. TV. Isn’t.

The Popovich program is the most believable of the two that are on cable. He goes to great lengths to show you how it’s supposed to be done. None of the cloak n’ dagger running around in the middle of the night looking for an inspector to validate the logs or stealing. Popovich uses my GYY airport all the time.

to put the speculation to bed. N600NP and N601NP both Challenger 601-1A/3As and N700NP Hawker HS 125-700A are all mine. There are all registered to separate LLC for liability reasons, no need to front anything.

As for the Airplane Repo show, the network wanted to 'dumb it down" to the level of what they thought the viewership was. The decided to stage and fake the repos, something that we did not do in the first season. They wanted to create the drama- with bullshit like breaking into hangars, fighting with the owners and buzzing the owner once they had the aircraft. If it was a real repo the aircraft would get the aircraft back and no doubt the bank would end up waiving the loan balance to avoid a huge lawsuit and punitive damages. In self help repo you can not breach the peace, clearly that doesn’t matter to the network.

this is why we refused to do a second season. With the exception of Kevin Lacey who worked with us for years I don’t know how much expertise the other actors have. hope this helps, Nick Popovich

Mr Popovich. I don’t know if you will read this but for what it’s worth I enjoyed the episodes you amd your people did a lot more then the "dumb " episodes.