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Tiger Airways - Australia

Booked flights on Tiger Airways from SYD-MEL-PER and then return.
Got emails a few weeks back saying that they were rescheduling my PER-MEL flight to an evening one, which then meant that the flight I had booked from MEL-SYD departed 3 hours BEFOR my flight arrived in Melbourne.
They have ( or are in the process ) of refunding my MEL-PER-MEL legs but “Tiger Airways Australia Hi Bill- Unfortunately Tiger is a non connecting airline so we cannot guarantee any connecting flights passengers may book. We do suggest insurance if passengers are booking these flights as we are only a point to point airline”

My advice to anyone intending to travel or book on Tiger Airways …DON’T !!!

Ryanair in Europe is also a non-connecting airline. They don’t publish connections so if you hit the interweb on your own and find connecting flights that work you may also be out of luck if the first flight is late. They also do not connect bags, you have to go claim them and make your way back through check-in and security.

Skybus did the same in the US.

Allegiant also does the same in the US currently.