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ETIHAD do not auume delays...

This Airline is to be avoided.
Having a 6 hours delay waiting.
We had a Abu Dhabi stop, from vietnam to paris.
Should Arrives at 01:00 am, and normaly departure at 2:15 am. But because the flight was late, we lost the 2:15 am correspondance. And had to wait for 8 am flight.
First they ask us to wait at the airport, so 5 hours in cold airport (clim at maximum), then agree to pay for hotel. Try put us in a 1 hour travel hotel, then accept for 5 mins by walk hotel ! Too stupid.
At Paris i asked ETIHAD to refund the train ticket i’d lost because of the delay: They disagree.
So do not use his airline if you can.
Furthemore comfort is medium and movie data base not up to date.

:cry: Sorry that happened to you but that is sometimes unavoidable when using connecting flights. Delays happen but you should always remember that this can happen. I have always found Etihad to be a fantastic airline and their business class is stunning and one of the best around. I know their customer service leaves a lot to be desired though and they could have been a bit more helpful to you!