Etihad Abu Dhabi LAX Flight - Watch


Don’t fly Etihad’s AUH-LAX Route if you are connecting from Pakistan or India within 3.5 to 4 hour window. They have history of “Creating” delays (Taking extra hour in air by taking longer routes after ground delay) on days when they overbook AUH-LAX. (AUH-LAX leaves at 850, your flight from Pak or India which was supposed to get to AUH at 6am will get there at 8 and you won’t have enough time to go through on-premises immigration.

Then they will get you into east coast to Washington at 11am Gulf time flight and put you on grey hound American or United domestic flight for 6 hours… Pay a little extra and Fly Emirates DUBAI-LAX and save time, emirates is much better with timing.


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Fly Emirates - you probably won’t regret it, but we aren’t 100% sure.

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