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Next Destination for Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines recently started serving Toronto, and Kuala Lumpur. The current popular destinations for Ethiopian Airlines is Dubai, Seychelles, Guangzhou, and Washington DC in that order.

I have heard several rumors, and read several articles that Ethiopian Airlines would start serving either Los Angeles, or San Francisco. I agree with this decision because they would be operating to a Star Alliance hub. I was also thinking about Tokyo, Istanbul, Seoul, Singapore, Zurich, and Warsaw. If some of you know Ethiopian Airlines, they won’t operate there nonstop, and won’t have daily flights. If they were to operate to say Tokyo, Singapore, or Seoul, I would see them have a stopover in either Delhi, or Bangkok. For Zurich, Warsaw they can be direct, or if they choose to have a stopover, they can have it in Cairo, or Rome. For Istanbul, it could be direct. And if they were to operate to either San Francisco, or Los Angeles, they would have to stop in Rome like they do when they fly to Washington, and Toronto. And the flight back, if they were to operate on a Boeing 777-200LR, would they fly nonstop, or stop in Rome? Would the B77L have the ability to fly nonstop on max payload?

What do you all think? Also, are there other destinations I forgot to list that Ethiopian Airlines would most likely serve? How many weekly flights would they do if they were to operate to those listed destinations above? And, if Ethiopian Airlines were to operate from San Francisco or Los Angeles and fly nonstop back to Addis Ababa, would that make it one of the world’s longest flights?

LAX-HAAB is about 7929 nm. The current record is Singapore-Newark at 8285. But that flight as well as the LAX flight are both due to be cancelled. The next one on the list is Sydney-DFW at 7454 so KLAX-HAAB would become the longest currently flying. But I can’t see going all the way to LAX or SFO just because of the alliance connections.
The 7000 ft. + altitude at Addis would be a limiting factor for long distance departures. An Istanbul connection with TK would be good, Rome is always a good choice because of the Italian history in Ethiopia. Do they have 5th freedom rights through Rome?