KLM, Lufthansa, Emirates, BMI, and Addis Ababa


Sorry if Im annoying you guys by posting to much questions.

KLM & Lufthansa
Recently, Lufthansa has started to have a stopovers in Khartoum, Sudan before continuing on to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lufthansa used to fly directly to Addis from Frankfurt and back with their A340-300s, but now the stop in Khartoum. KLM has been flying to Khartoum then Addis for a long time with their A330-200s, and hasnt even changed. Why do both KLM and Lufthansa stop in Khartoum before continuing to Addis Ababa? Is it for fuel, or passenger accommodation? If it’s passenger accomadation, why would do it? Because there is Ethiopian Airlines and Sudan Airways to do that.

Emirates used to stop in Addis before continuing to Entebbe. Why is that? Ethiopian Airlines is there to fly to Entebbe. Is it because of the same thing listed above for KLM and Lufthansa? But now, they have separate flights.

BMI, before continuing to Addis Ababa stop in Jordan from Heathrow. Why is this? Is it because of the same thing listed previously?

Excluding Emirates, should all the airlines listed above start flying directly to Addis Ababa without having a stopover?


For most of the cities you mention you would only get a 40 or 50% load factor on your 3 or 4 flights a week. Combining 2 of these cities lets the carrier leave (FRA,DXB etc.) almost full. The extra stop costs almost nothing compared to the extra 150 passengers on board. I don’t know but I doubt that the carriers you mention have traffic rights between Addis and Khartoum or Entebbe, leaving that to the local airline. Also Addis is something like 8000 ft. above sea level so even in a 340 you would be severely weight limited on departure so it is better to stop somewhere downhill before continuing on the next leg rather that fuel up for FRA and end up with only 30 passenger due to the performance limit. Emirates to Addis I would imagine is a fairly good route for them given the number of Africans working in the gulf region. I suppose all of those routes change due to seasonal needs too.

Oh, there are quite a few Ethiopians working in Jordan and Beirut so BMI may have rights between Amman and Addis.

John in Saudi