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Three Piaware Package Lists

There are 3 piaware package lists in /etc/apt/sources.list.d -

Can any of these be removed?

Yes, remove everything except the buster one.

(I guess this is a buster OS install that had the 3.7.2 stretch version installed; that needs manual cleanup)

Whenever I need to upgrade, I reimage with

  • latest piaware img
  • latest raspbian img + latest package install

This is the cleanest solution and free of all such complications.
I avoid command-line upgrade from PuTTY or my FA Stats page.

I don’t know how to re-image a Pi without another machine available with open ports. My Windows box has all the external ports locked as a security measure. I do all the upgrades on the Pi.

You mean all USB ports and SD card reader slots are locked on your Windows Computer? Then how did you image your microSD cards first time?

The port lock down is a security measure to prevent installation of non-approved software and the removal of proprietary data. Every device on the local network is locked down. The Pi’s are standalone and came with a microSD with software already installed.

I hope your phone is not locked down.
Today I wrote Piaware SD card image 3.8.1 using my Android phone (Samsung 8). The App I used is EtcherDroid. It is an open source app with source code at github . Hardware used was a USB card reader plugged into phone through USB-3 to USB-C adapter (supplied with the phone).

  1. Installed App EtcherDroid on phone from Google Play store.
  2. Downloaded Piaware sd card image on phone.
  3. Extracted the downloaded .zip image.
  4. Inserted microSD card in USB card reader, and plugged the card reader into phone usong supplied USB-3 to USB-C adapter.
  5. Wrote the extracted piaware image to microSD card using app EtcherDroid.
  6. After write was complete, plugged-out, then plugged-in the USB card reader to make files in /boot visible.
  7. Dont know how to create a file named ssh. Copied file piaware-config.txt in boot in the boot with rename option. It saved as piaware-config(1).txt. renamed it ssh.txt
    (7) Edited file piaware-config.txt to add WiFi credential, but it wont save the changes, as it opens as read-only.
    (8) Slipped microSD card in Pi, connected a network cable to router, and powered up.
    (9) After boot, SSH to Pi, edited file piaware-config.txt, added WiFi credentials and a new line feeder-id xxxxxxxxxx
    (10) Rebooted Pi. Disconnected network wire, checked, WFi working OK.





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That is very interesting. My phone is not locked down because it isn’t on the local network. I have a Galaxy S9 (Android 10) with a 128 GB microSD in the same slot as the sim card. Right now it is used for media. Do you have line by line instructions on how to download and extract files on a phone. The only thing I use the phone for is voice, texting and running apps on my car.

I just initialized a new 32 GB mSD and mounted it.

My phone does not have any provision to add an external memory card. The downloaded image is saved on internal memory. After it is saved, long-pressing it opens a popup menu which has many options, one of these is “Extract”. Click extract option, and the .zip image will be unzipped.

The App I used burned the image to microSD card inserted in a USB card reader. The card reader was plugged to phone through a USB-C to USB-3 adaptor.

I downloaded the Piaware image by going to flight aware adsb>build page in phone’s browser, and clicking the image download link:


Open this post in your phone’s browser and click above link to download piaware image to your phone.

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I have the iso on my phone. I have to wait until the lock down is over and stores reopen to buy a USB C to mSD reader. I appreciate your help.

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USB-C to USB 3.0 adaptor (if you already have a USB 2.0 or 3.0 card reader)

USB-C card reader

Actually Florida may reopen Monday. I’ll be able to purchase what I need locally. I do not ever use ebay because I tried them once and my credit card number was compromised. I avoid online purchases because of the security risks.

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Purchasing from local store is instant, while from ebay/China, it takes a month or two to reach.

I am frequently purchasing from ebay for last 5 years, and luckily no fraud happened with me. Screenshot of my recent purchse at ebay:
(All these are spare as I already have USB-C to USB3.0 adaptor which came with phone, and usb card reader).

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