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Reimaging a SD card

When you guys reimage a SD card that was previously used for Piaware, what do you do to it prior to reimaging?
Do you reformat it? Clean all previous files off?

I have 2 operating RPI 3s with reimaged cards working fine except I’m unable to log in when using SSH. I get to the user name but I can’t get past the password. I have tried “raspberry” and the password that I normally use (XXXXXX).

I use ETCHER to reimage and overwrite the SD card. If I use a “fresh out of the package” card, all works well.
I have tried the recover a lost password process, but it doesn’t work well for me.
Any ideas?

The usual password for the PiAware image is;


You are SO right! I had forgotten that. I already have a “paper” memory, but I keep losing the papers.
It’s hell to get old, but that beats the alternative.
Thank you!

All important in piaware-config.txt

Login to the device with the username “pi” and password “flightaware”