Thomsonfly joyride over NE Canada?

strange flightpath:

c’mon - you dont think thats a genuine track?
…a/c leaving reliable tracking coverage/unreliable data/cone of silence/spurious data/a glitch etc etc etc

I think TOM flightops would be more than a little ‘upset’ if their crews were joyriding!!


Perm Link: … /KSFB/EGBB

What the…

same ol’ same ol’…

another flight with similar flight number.

Looking at its History, that doesn’t appear to be the case.
Looking at its Tracklog, looks like Boston radar forgot to drop the flight after it left their area…

Looking at the track log, you are spot on. First left conjunction on the ’ ellipse ’ is the last report for Boston the the conjunction on the right is the last reports for Moncton.

Wonder why they deviate from the true path, if you follow the reports from Gander?

I’m gonna guess it’s some illusion generated by the great circle thing. Like a straight line from the false radar hits to each transoceanic report…
Hope that made sense…It did to me 8)