Cool ground track!

I want to fly a plane so well that my ground track looks like this! … /CNS7/KBTL

Would you believe he was waiting for clearance to enter our airspace from Canada.

No? How about he was trying to make a maple leaf in the sky?

Oooo look at the pretty pattern :laughing:

Looks like either a search pattern or photo work across the lake? If they were flight testing they could keep flying the same track back and forth.

It also looks like some refinement of the raw data coming from radar needs to be worked on. Look at the tracklog on how the altitudes vary within the same minute sweep.

I don’t think even the “vomit comet” can climb at 15,000 fpm. There needs to be a sanity check on data coming in from multiple feeds.

Read various forum topics and you’ll find out that it has to do with the fact that the flight is coming from a foreign country. Also take a look throug the FAQ’s.

It does’t matter whether the information is coming from multiple sources.

The point I was making is, that it is common to filter out plainly unreasonable data. I’m sure there are more pressing features to be rolled out than doing more sanity checks on the data.

It is normal during processing of computer data and it is possible. Some people call it not presenting “funny” numbers when you are making a presentation. Sometimes you just have to throw the bad data out.

I can’t repeat often enough what a great job FlightAware is doing. It is just an observation, it would be a lot of work that probably isn’t justified right now.

Hi, guys.

Our dev systems network has this in place and can detect erroneous radar position tracks. There are a few issues where it has to retroactively remove an older track that are holding up the deployment of this, but it’s definitely in the works. Thanks for all your support & sorry for the confusion.

Heres one right now.

I just eyeballed the lat/long’s in the tracklog and they look pretty consistent.

I wonder if the lat/longs on the tracklog are filtered now but the depiction isn’t?

Just would like to confirm that the dash (-) in front of the longs on the tracklogs are in fact only a dashes and not a negative sign

This is clearly a glitch. However, the - is a negative sign.